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1) Customized Algo Trading

  • Customized trading strategies
  • Hi-speed execution with minimal trader intervention
  • Risk management as per firm's guidelines
  • Real time trade signals

There is intense competition among traders to grab profits from each other. If you are using the same software/tools which are being used by thousands of other traders what is your edge in the markets? If you want to be one step ahead of other traders you need complete control over strategy execution.

We can develop /customize your strategies and integrate them with Sharesoft Technologies, so that you never miss a trade again and you get the profit you deserve. 


  • Tie Up with Leading Stock Broker "mastertrust" with Co-Location facility
  • Order & risk management using Sharesoft Technologies.(our Trading terminal)
  • Low brokerage and affordable id cost
  • Integration with your existing software / charting tool

Algo Trading Setup for Professional Traders We are offering a unique service for professional traders who wants to execute trading strategies via algo trading. We have tied up with a leading broker "mastertrust" (Member NSE, BSE, MCX in multiple segments).  The benefits of using algo trading are well known to professional traders:

  • Reduction of slippage cost
  • Capturing short-lived trading opportunities
  • Fast order execution
  • Automation of order execution and elimination of manual errors

Traders route orders to exchange via our Trading platform automatically or manually. You see the market action tick by tick in real-time as it is connected with the exchange via broker's infrastructure. You can also view open positions, MTM, Market Watch and other necessary details with a click of few buttons.