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1. What is algorithmic trading or algo trading?

Algo trading can be simply defined as a system which can place buy / sell orders, based on pre-defined rules. Once the rules are firmly defined, it can be coded into algo trading system so that the system can place buy/sell orders automatically when the entry/exit conditions are met. Algo trading systems are highly useful when the rules are based on complex calculations and one wants to seize trading opportunities in matter of milliseconds (or sometimes microseconds!).

2. Why one should use algo trading?

Advantages of using algo trading are well known. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Capture short lived trading opportunities
  • Automate trading
  • Rule based trading, no human emotions involved
  • Reduce trading risks (limit losses, eliminate overtrading etc.)
  • Eliminate possibility of human error
  • Fast order execution
  • Execute complex strategies

3. How can I download the product?

Go to the tab Products on home page and select the product and click on download link below the image.

4. How can I subscribe for product?

You can transfer the amount in the account mentioned in the link Subscribe.

5.I am getting error for dot net frame work on my system.

Download the framework from the provided link and then install our product.

6.What should be the sequence of installation?

1)Install AmiBroker 5.7 and above, the link is provided on the site.
2)Install strategy software the video is given for your convenience.
3)After payment confirmation activation is done.

7. I am getting "system error"

Contact us.

8.I am getting product expired though I have made the payment for the next month.

Click ok and restart the application.

9.I am getting error '0X800222' while installing dot net framework.

Click START > ALL PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > right click COMMAND PROMPT and choose run as administrator (A command prompt window will open).
Type : net stop WuAuServ in the command prompt and leave it that way for a second.
Now click Windows > R > and type %windir%
Find a folder named SoftwareDistribution.
Rename it with any name (we don't use this folder anymore, Renaming it is only for back up purpose).
Back to command prompt again and type net start WuAuServ.
Finish your net framework installation.